Friday, January 19, 2007

bright lights, big city

omg thank you atikah azman for inviting me to "bright lights, big city" by Matthew Carver. it was amazing :)

I loved everything abt the exhibition. The artworks, the artist, the people, the food, awesome. Matthew does paintings of big cities in motion. mostly at night. he takes the photo in slow shutter, then he distorts or expresses them in his own way to interpret his experience then. The difference between his paintings are the colors, strokes and perspective. i absolutely love the way he uses light and dark to give a certain "life" to his paintings. Love the textures. i prefer the abstract ones more tho.

and then we met a young local artist, Justin Lim. whose style is totally the opposite of Matthew's. somehow quite inspired by the traditional aboriginal art. haven't been to any events of his yet. will fill u in once i have.

being groupies, tik's and i got their autographs. :b

food? delish :) alexis rocks.

that's it. latiff mohidin here i come.

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