Wednesday, July 4, 2007


okay so here they are. random photos that sum my yogya and solo trip best.
DSC_0660 (Small).JPG

trishaw rides
are the besttt to take photos and get to know the city a little better
DSC_0068 (Small).JPGDSC_0074 (Small).JPG
indos love graffiti which is effing awesome. every corner u look, ull see some work of art. bloody talented.
DSC_0036 (Small).JPGDSC_0028 (Small).JPG
DSC_0043 (Small).JPGDSC_0064 (Small).JPG
DSC_0052 (Small).JPGDSC_0065 (Small).JPG
DSC_0672 (Small).JPGDSC_0712 (Small).JPG

Ramaya theatrical ballet show
see the temple there? there's a real temple!
they freakin built the stage in front of a real temple.. daymnnnnnn
DSC_0240 (Small).JPGDSC_0233 (Small).JPG
DSC_0285 (Small).JPGDSC_0305 (Small).JPG

DSC_0444 (Small).JPGDSC_0398 (Small).JPG

gunung merapi
erupted last year
DSC_0596 (Small).JPGDSC_0542 (Small).JPG
DSC_0533 (Small).JPGDSC_0565 (Small).JPG

blind cat :(
DSC_0635 (Small).JPG

batik store
DSC_0749 (Small).JPGDSC_0760 (Small).JPG
DSC_0763 (Small).JPGDSC_0816 (Small).JPG

on the way to solo
DSC_0930 (Small).JPG
DSC_0966 (Small).JPG

pasar batik
DSC_0990 (Small).JPGDSC_1006 (Small).JPG
abang getting a massage.. in pain
DSC_0010 (Small).JPGDSC_0026 (Small).JPG
DSC_0011 (Small).JPGDSC_0008 (Small).JPG

even this is nice..
DSC_0107 (Small).JPG
read the title
DSC_0138 (Small).JPG

byebye indo
DSC_0163 (Small).JPG
this photo sucks but check out the volcanoes pretty noice ey

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