Wednesday, April 4, 2007

cocoon construction II

DSC_0527 (Small).JPG

on site
DSC_0541 (Small).JPGDSC_0607 (Small).JPG

night at the prison
DSC_0648 (Small).JPG
DSC_0680 (Small).JPG
DSC_0691 (Small).JPGDSC_0692 (Small).JPG

we were bored, we decided to build a 10minute chamber. lol
DSC_0698 (Small).JPGDSC_0699 (Small).JPG

slow shutter trial
DSC_0705 (Small).JPGDSC_0706 (Small).JPG
DSC_0708 (Small).JPGDSC_0709 (Small).JPG
chamber enhancements
DSC_0710 (Small).JPGDSC_0711 (Small).JPG
DSC_0712 (Small).JPGDSC_0715 (Small).JPG
when things get out of hand. hahaha
DSC_0714 (Small).JPGDSC_0713 (Small).JPG

the morning after (presentation)
DSC_0719 (Small).JPG
DSC_0760 (Small).JPGDSC_0759 (Small).JPG

DSC_0764 (Small).JPG

DSC_0798 (Small).JPG

DSC_0258 (Small).JPG

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