Sunday, November 19, 2006

design studies yearly summary

anyway, we had to make a metaphorical representation of our experience this yr. specificly design studies.
at first i wanted to make a flash, but that'll be too predictable for me to do something with my comp wouldn’t it?
so i decided to use my hands (yes hands :P).
i wanted to literally use my computer monitor or A monitor as a "sculpture" that represents my head. and the interior as my mind.
colours chosen were not typical colours that i would usually use which are yellow and pink. yellow exterior, pink interior. it's not exactly pink, there is a bit of violet in it.
and style is not as typical as my usual "clean cut" designs. this time i wanted it to be "messy". so spray paint was the best medium for that. with a lil bit of stencil. to represent the ups and downs of my journey.

still a computer

by myself with proper tools thank you

spray paint
the truth is i fucked the spraying the monitor part up cause being me, i had so much fun spraying, i sprayed, and sprayed til it became too thick and bubbly. ah but screw it the same thing happened to me for kemahiran hidup too. stupid rak buku.

if u look closely, i look like a fetus.

they're all letters, photos of my previous projects and a collage of our class. of course i didnt stick them randomly. i had to consider balance and time. i started from left to right to represent my journey from past to present

all done

sorry abt the background didnt have a cyclorama that was big enough.

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mello said...

you sacrificed your monitor ??. O= or was it just a spare old one lying 'round ?. super awesome idea btw . i so sooo love !. you are brilliance personified laaaaa weyyyy . =D =D - mel ng .