Saturday, September 1, 2007

unwanted materials and extra space

i had a task to visit a bar and a display space that is not a gallery.
firstly the bar. i chose Meyers place down on bourke and spring. Designed by 6 degrees architects who are known for their use of recycled materials, meyers place is organized well despite the fact that it's narrow. old school desks pasted on one wall, and a recycled carpet on the other and the ceiling. they pulled a trick of hiding the toilets behind an old theatre curtain to make it look like a stage. being there at 1 am wednesday night wasnt that bad afterall. they have good lemon lime bitters but the hot choc wasnt so nice tho. haha. it is really interesting how they gather up recycled materials with diff functions and different places to make a bar.

next is platform two. can get there through flinders or degraves street, below belgian waffle. yes, it's a subway. great use of extra space.

axos by me.

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