Sunday, September 2, 2007

Freedom Writers

i seldom watch tv, go to the cinema or even listen to the radio. i havent watched da vinci's code, pirates, spiderman 3, shrek 3 or even transformers. i only watch and listen everything that is downloaded. so forgive me if this is too late to be discussed. ive actually heard about this movie awhile ago and read several good reviews about it. thanks to momndad, i finally got the chance to watch it.

Based on a true story, freedom writers is sorta another version of Dangerous Minds. well sorta. you have to watch it. i'm not gonna spoil it for you. plus, im not much of a writer. so me writing reviews about a movie, is a bad bad idea.

all i can say it's an emotional and inspiring movie.

a good reality check for some of you.


sarathira said...

i saw the movie a few months bck &, so inspiring rightttt? why cant be be teached using that approach? made me feel like writing a journal myself kk, made je la, didnt exactly do it tho, hehehe.

safuraa abraz said...

hahaha i feel so lembab because of that.. i wanna be a teacher!!! haha poor kids