Sunday, September 23, 2007


photographer for indo's fabric magazine. u guys should really check his/their work. especially if u like to have certain themes to ur photosessions. great as inspiration.


taking the kid to the melbourne festival on flemington road tomorrow. do take some time and join the fun if u're in melb. c ya


zillieman said...

ur gonna have to play WAY alot more to get me, girl. btw u look daaamn cute playing wii. haha, it's like u wanna thrash the tv or somtin. btw, love the montage, why do all the ppl i know from design foundation capable of coming up with such freaky stuff? i want to do too! and im jealous.


safuraa abraz said...

wii is evil, EVIL. i still prefer the old fashion ps. too tiring to play tennis with. lol

aww thank you! define.. freaky. biasala we foundation ppl are cool :P. lol yeah i bet you can do it too. just that u've never really tried before.

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