Sunday, September 30, 2007

Road Trip - 1/3 great ocean road

we just drove down great ocean road with no idea of where exactly we were heading and where we were going to spend the night.

ended up in torquay. the 12 apostles were 6 hours away. forget that.
we were smart enough to go right after AFL ended so the town was practically deserted cause everybody was in melbourne celebrating cat's victory.

congrats btw.

luckily i had my tripod and everyone was cool enough to pose.

they scare me sometimes...

now if i were still a tween, id be excited abt them...


yes, the town was so deserted, we even had time to set up a tripod and pose in the middle of the street.

of course it was midnight.

on the way back from geelong

perspective of a house made of cables. cool ey

pictures from the melbourne show later.

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