Friday, October 12, 2007

projek KAMI

judge me all you want, but im starting to enjoy watching KAMI, the tv show. thanks to youtube. sorta reminds me the botb and gig days back when i was 15. who would of thought, one of the friends i made back then would hold the character Abu. lol. well yeah it's cool. i can relate to it. just like gol & gincu. the quality's not like OC or anything, but it feels real. thats all that matters. to me. love how they promote local bands. i cant believe they played unknown by blister in ep 4/3. havent heard that for ages! not bad. they're coming up with a movie soon. cant wait for that.


wani ezryl * said...

'kami' is gr8, and abu is my fave cuz he's funny like hell :))

safuraa razak said...

yeah. he is in person too :D