Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rhino power

3D of the Poll House by Gary Marinko
by me :)



credits to lut&lyn!

hopefully ill have time for deviantart this weekend.
i miss you, malaysia.


(in nothingness) said...

your photographs are amazing.

rmit eh? foundation year?

safuraa abraz said...

thank you :) yours too!

uhuh.. architecture 1st year

(in nothingness) said...

mine's ordinary though. you're so much better!

you know what, i'm missing melbourne. but i'm coming back next year!

safuraa abraz said...

lol thanks. i just started last year. still have loads to learn.

haha u are? well i would too if i were u. but the weather's a bitch tho. that's cool. i miss malaysia. wanna trade places?