Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jason Mraz Live in Sydney

both fi and i scalped for last minute tickets, they were actually sold out but we managed to get them anyway so hurrah!
he was great as usual. you could tell that everyone loved is music. lovveeeeee
it was different from the one is melbourne. bigger place, bigger crowd...
and a few different songs, this time he added mr curiosity, curbside prophet, plane and ended with you and i both in acoustic (haih, tears of joy came out again. lol). no after an aftertnoon and childlike wildlife like in melbourne :p. but both were equally amazing. good thing i went for both.

went back with fi, decided not to stalk jm by waiting in the lobby, chilled a little bit and went down to get fi a cab. just when i said "fi if i get out of this lift and see them im gonna die" while i walked out (i saw toca) then said "like now." just what i imagined he'd be. he's awesome.

then fi and i thought it was too good to be true and decided to walk around the block from some fresh air. just when i was about to walk to my apartment lobby, i saw hailey sales and when i got to the door HOLY SHIZER it was jason mraz. he was really rrreeeaaaallllyyy cool

im starting to think that im unconsciously stalking him. lol

i dont care if i sound like a silly fanatic here but goooooooooooooooooodddddddd you have no idea how it feels to meet the guy who created music that i listen to when im happy, sad, studying, angry and in looooveeeeeeeeeeee through my teen years til now. and im really glad that i got to share it with fi, what a perfect person to go with :) god, im in love.

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Nik Arif said...

OMG! Now I regret selling you the tickets. Hahaha.