Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shut down

mid crit wasnt that bad afterall considering the fact that i totally blanked out when it was time to present. lack of sleep. i thought i had everything done but my paranoia kept me awake so i kept on fixing things. i didnt expect myself to present right when i stepped into class but just when i was abt to slip away martin was like "okay you guys go" so yeah me writing last minute notes on my palm didnt do me any justice. i just stared at it like an idiot. my palm started to sweat. words started to distort. rubbed some blue ink on my face. well at least i made them laugh. martin knows my name. peter elliot said my name. or at least he tried to. he liked my stuff. woopay! yeah im gonna shut down now. power nap. before i continue making 3d model for comm tomorrow. what an anzac day spoiler. i cant seem to get rid of the blue ink on my hand. mama papa if you're reading this, i miss you :(

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