Saturday, June 28, 2008

so she speaks

this has been a weird winter break.
driving sucks cause there's no radio in the car. i tried singing, haha i didnt enjoy that.
did work for rmit's design exhibition,
did a little bit of work for dad, i lasted an hour in his office. i should be fired now.
worked in some event for audi, we were supposed to wear black and blend in, so i wore funeral clothes. lol. we had a bitchy supervisor, who only appeared at the end of the event, annoying photographers, and some rich people who think that they're in a whole other class, weird old man who mentioned abt his WIVES (errrr awkward), and of course, "homer" was the guest of honour. the new car they had was hot tho. audi A4. nice nice.
did work for design...
it's actually for a competition. if i win, i know exactly what to buy... hehehe

but im glad i came back, got to see a few people,
at least i got to eat cupcake chic!
and... i got to eat at raju's
and oldtown white coffee
and coffee hut
and i got to eat some good old fashion nasi campur, ikansemilanggorengwithchilli, kuah asam pedas and daging salai masak kuning.
how can the people here not be fat.

im going to urbanscapes with my sister today. was supposed to go with sara, but she's not well (get well soon smare!)

my cousins are selling stuff.

anddd paintball right after that.
bruises here we come!

i miss ma choo!


wani ezryl * said...

omg daging salai masak kuning originally frm kampung.. *drools & imagining* :P

eh u'r back? welcome home! xD

safuraa razak said...

hehe yeah, all time fave!

yes i am, thank you :D

b0mB§h€LL said...

Hey "ah put"! found your blog by accident, i don't remember how, dont ask. it's kim here, not sure if u remember me? Shura's friend.

Take me girl is ur cousin?? i love her stuff, super awesome! :) Ordered some stuff from her!

safuraa razak said...

hey! of course i remember u :P how r u?