Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vientiene, Lao

if you guys are into eco tourism, then this is the perfect place to go to. jungle trekking, cycling, mountain climbing, caving, etc
oh yeah, they have some AWESOME indian food there. slurp

population of 5 million


wani ezryl * said...

tu la tgk indian foods kat discovery channel mesti drools je haha.

whoahh steep staircase! coolness! x]

Sallyyyyyyy said...

best nya tengok bontot animal! i likeee! :)

safuraa razak said...

the smell itself makes me drool. lol.
sally u mmg pervert ah bontot animal pun dah rasa aroused. haha

Anonymous said...

You my dear. Travel a lot.


My studio is starting soon, heck..will i be facing bricks too?

hehe. Awesome photos girl.