Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Hello, my name is Lolly Pop

my mommy just got me from my foster mummy daddy
uncle wanwan and auntie sally picked me up today.
im so glad to be home. i also met my boyfriend, Mika.
he's anoyying. but my mama and his mama wants to set us up.
wait a minute, if his mama and my mama are sisters, that makes us cousins, right?
i guess i have to live with it. oh well, at least he's cute.
later after that i went to watch mummy play futsal and met other aunties and uncles there.
sigh* so many people so little time.
(yawn) im tired now. ill get back to sleeping under the sofa,
bye bye"


LilyJoe said...


natalie rose said...

nak tgk lolly pop!!!

aisyah zaini said...

tangkapp gamba banyak banyak aaputt

safuraa razak said...

dia malu la.. hehehe