Saturday, September 13, 2008


im doing a studio on facade design and i have to admit that im not doing so well. im just so stuck and cant seem to understand and accept that this studio is 90% conceptual unlike the previous studios i've taken. i think too much. i tend to think more about function and material constraints than how the facade of my library will look like hence it ends up looking too technical. why cant i do it like BIG. or Herzog de Meuron.
i guess we designers have our ups and downs

oh lolly is picking up a new habit. PLASTIC BAGS.


al said...

heard your kaki sakit
get well soon

david santos said...

Have a nice day.

Muizz said...

BIG and H&deM ARE technical, just very very smart in not making their work not look too technical. Haha.

I'd say to hell with 'architecture' and a resounding YES to art. And life. And love. Artisloveisart no? =P