Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hari Raya

it started off pretty bad, being really late for Malaysia hall and not being able to sembahyang raya.
my handbag's chain broke on the way, by the time we reached there my sister and most of the people i knew had already left. it was nice to see some people, but the moment was just gone.
at one point i even thought of giving up raya and going home to do my design.

but im glad i didnt cause everything turned out well after that :)
thanks to amy for kinda pujuking me. (i think my merajuk habits are getting worse now)
and my mom who "layaned" me wining about how bad my raya started.

photo time was fun, amy's rendang was good, i got to eat zarif's cheesecake, auntie abda's meatballs, noone noticed i wore last year's baju raya, chove cha cho chum ma choo chove.... etc etc

it's shiv's and sally's first raya in melbourne.

lolly and mika's first ever. comel kan?

oh yeah, my phone died the whole day so i couldnt really sms or wish anyone...
and i noticed i've been quite a bitch lately. how i'd be moody because of the dumbest and littlest things, so yea yea,

pffftt. janganla annoy orang lagi.
im annoyed with myself now.

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a shura said...

thanks, the pictures are great aputputput. nanti upload on fb when u have time okay? :) thanks.

p/s: don't be so K.A. laaa ishh hahahahahaha selamat hari raya mz&b.