Saturday, October 25, 2008

my little girl is all grown up

I know i've been pretty down lately, but i cant resist myself from telling everyone that my girl, Lolly Pop is all grown up now. It started off pretty weird this morning when i heard her screaming thinking that she only wanted attention. When i got to her she started getting in a certain weird position. i have 7 cats at home but they're all male. i've only had 2 female cats in my life but i guess i never realized their habits when they were... is there a more proper word for this?... horny.

i googled a little. rolling on the floor. often rubbing herself onto objects. making weird sounds. then yeap. that's right. it's mating season and Lolly is horny

she sniffed my butt. funny or freaky?

you know some moms start realizing that their daughters are growing up by buying them their first bra or pads, in this case, im overwhelmed.

"Queens are not too particular. They will allow mating will various males and this can result in a variety of different fathers for the same litter. Each kitten has only one father and kittens within the same litter may all have different fathers."


natalie rose said...

comelnya!! i remember when my cat "grew up". it was so cute, i loved the way she meow-ed and tried to seduce my male cats - who all don't have their balls. nyeh nyeh!

wani ezryl * said...

mulut dia pink sgt! cute! ^^

aimi razak said...

mika nak rogol