Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thank You for your time

i just wrote a whole paragraph complaining about how much i need a new handbag because of bla bla bla but that's such a waste of space in my blog cause whats the point of whining here when i can just move my ass and buy myself a freaking awesome leather one that can last me til i can pass it to my children and they can pass to theirs. lol maybe not that long. okay nvm, it's not important.

What i really wanna talk about is how i met Tun Mahathir today. I wrote a whole paragraph on that too. I think it would've been a better subject than the handbag but im not much of a writer (THIS IS WHY IT'S GOOD TO READ) and im afraid ill just end up sounding silly.

so yeah, you guys just wasted 2 minutes reading nothing.

there's a reason why I usually just post photos and videos.
(ill upload some photos later, c ya!)

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