Sunday, November 2, 2008

let your hair down

my sister did this for her major final year project and asked us to pose for her.
she does look like a designer doesnt she.

Lut had to represent the "office look"

I was supposed to make it look fun.

i think we did okay

photos taken by Morten


kara said...

the black is super cool - def have her let me know about them!
reminds me of oversized cheek-ie accessories

A Girl's Say said...

Loving the photos!
Suits the intended mood, esp the fun mode :)

safuraa razak said...

thank you both :)

kara: the black's my fave too! i'll ask her to email you the details

@pan zhafr@n said...

i want one! can ar puts? :P

safuraa razak said...

im keeping the blue and orange one. lol ask amy.

Anonymous said...

apa benda ni...macam menarik ja.

safuraa razak said...

bean bag kakak saya design :)