Monday, November 24, 2008

RMIT industrial design exhibition

my sister had an exhibition yesterday for her final year major project.
it's still on. it will be for the next week. there are some pretty awesome stuff there. so if you're free, head down to the gallery! on queens and guildford lane (between lathrobe and lt lonsdale)


nansiness said...

i like your banner puts. amy's exhibition looks good!
& i have a surprise for you :D come back quick!

aimi razak said...

aput pakwe aput ada dalam gambar ..wahhaha

kuning said...

hi dear, i went down there today. its coool :D btw just a reminder, kinky's sale is on this sat. i might see you there :p

safuraa razak said...

nana: thanks ban. WHAT SURPRISE!!!!?!

amy: babi

ellen: yayyy. kamu pergi jam berapa? see you there!