Monday, December 15, 2008

hello siapa di sana

photos by shura

I was told that my pictures in the Rantai Revelation exhibition were not labeled (which is noone's fault because unfortunately I wasnt there to do so) so people didnt know which ones were mine. fret not, i am going to post them photos up and then you can go "laaaa, yang tu ke"

Alhamdulillah i heard Rantai went well. Considering the fact that i wasnt around, i am grateful that my photos were even exhibited. I know i was only a small part of the event, but it really does mean alot to me. especially last year, when Sara and i finally had the guts by taking part in rantai to publicly display our photos. we learned alot then. i know Sara wouldve come up with some crazy shots if she were here.

Dont mean to make this sound like an award thank you speech but i think there are a group of people whom i should thank. in no particular order..
Lutfi for helping me with touching up and printing the photos.
Nana for framing them.
Tikky for going to the opening
Sally for caring :)
of course the Rantai dude, Akim for putting up with my banyak songehness.
oh and not forgetting those who actually looked for my photos at the exhibition!


zillieman said...

SueAnnaJoe commented on the video! ahahahha.

anyway, bila balik?

safuraa razak said...

hahaha yeah she did. pretty cool huh ;)

me? 19 dec yoooo lets shoot