Sunday, December 28, 2008

join the club

last night was our (dee, ned & i) girls night out,
so we went to chilis to catch up on things,


dee. said...

yeah, catch up on how stupid i can get right.bleh. the photo says it all. ha ha ha i <3 kents! :)

Neddy said...

niceniceniceeee..gimme all the pics plsss..nak put in one albummm. :D loveydovey! cant wait for "thats not my name"! eheheh!

safuraa razak said...

u guys made me laugh so much! nanti i give the pics ya!

dee. said...

u noe what i realised,
the photo of me was taken by ned,
the photo of you was taken by me &
the photo of ned was taken by you.
he he ; ) coolioz!

safuraa razak said...

hahaha yala!