Monday, December 8, 2008

why would i wanna be anywhere else

ive been on the road for a week now. so far we've gone to lake entrance, goulbourn, canberra, sydney, newcastle, and now... hmm i dont know. im off to queensland today!

today is raya haji so

anyways, RANTAI art exhibition is just around the corner, 12th - 14th dec.
im gonna have 8 photos up and i think they're gonna be on sale too.
i wont be able to make it but please go and support me and those young & talented artists/photographers! tell me how it goes. send me pictures. really wish i could be there.

take care!

ps: mine are the A3 ones with wooden frames. lol i think.


dzurina said...

hello cik safuraa razak,
love your blog.i think i've bumped into u a couple of times, eg : izrin's wedding and urbanscapes.
your photos are really cantik :)

safuraa razak said...

thank you dzurina, im glad you do,
interesting blog you have there :)
yeah, ive seen you quite a few times too. small world kan.
i'll say hie next time,
take care!

experimental said...

i saw your photo at Rantai Revelation.
took some photo of it.
just click on my blog!

ku E said...

i was there. nice art event by young people! :)

safuraa razak said...

experimental: hey, yeah i just saw. thanks a bunch! finally get to see them. yay