Thursday, January 8, 2009

watch the crossing

it's summer but the weather is nothing like it. it's cold and freezing at night.
everyones enjoying their holiday but i'm pretty happy taking tech 4 in advance cause i think (i know) it will pay off. it's not as bad as i thought it would be. My tutor seems really helpful and chirpy now that she is changing her last name. I assume she just got married to Mr Dash who's also teaching design for summer next door. so sweet!

okie dokie, all is well. the kittens are great. Do Re Mi still has some toilet training to do.
I really really miss my family tho. really wish they would surprise me here. :P



sarathira sukiman said...

i just watched bee movie 3 hours ago, i tersmiled a bit when you put "black yellow" there apoot, mcm quoting the movie, hehe

Anonymous said...

do re mi berak macam u eh aaput
miss you pls

safuraa razak said...

what a coincidence. hehe

sally: no man. at least i pandai cover. haha budak tu pengotor