Saturday, February 28, 2009

it's so weird to meet people who have just landed here and somehow quickly adapted an "australian" (thats what they think) accent which actually end up sounding so american+british+australian and maybe a little irish.

take it easy mate :)


trixie said...

tried irish but i ended up sounding scottish+indian+british
even tried german, but you knew how that one went. hehe

rajawali said...
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abdullahjones said...

menulis di blog saya mau?

safuraa razak said...

trixie: your german sounds dutch+indian! ahhaha

abdullahjones: hey, thanks for the invite, but im not much of a writer. sorry

annisah said...

haha i know what you mean. when i was still a student in rmit, biasalah in class semua kena introduce themselves. the asian girl next to me mcm, HELLOIIIE, MHOYY NAYME IS ___, I'M FROM MUHLHAYSHEEA, IVE BEEN HERE FOR AYEBOUTT THREE (!) MONTHS NOW!!! i was physically startled.

ala, in KL also, all these contrived american accents... its so boring. why cant people have a fake french or jamaican accent? at least fun sikit..

safuraa razak said...

lol i so know what you mean! gosh so annoying. haha it's too much! especially when your friend you knew from malaysia does the accent to you. im like "im sure you can turn it off right?"

when i was back in kl i kept hearing highschool kids talking and they were like "like like like like totally omg thats like totally awesome"

jomla kita buat jamaican pulak

dee. said...

hahahahaha oh my gawd.
that means you're going to have a problem with me laaaaaaaaaaaa!
i do my NOINOINOI n my DON'T KNOI!
hahahahaha just for the FUN of it :D
pls say you will still love me n not hate me.
and and omg i miss you like crazy la wei:( n i miss banana leaf with you too!
dee lovelovelove aaput! :D:D:D

safuraa razak said...

love laaa i miss u. if u talk like that i will surely do so too just to make you feel comfortable :P