Thursday, February 19, 2009


can i just share my excitement with you guys?
i lovveeeeee it to death!


Sue Anna Joe said...

Bukankah itu Audrey Kawasaki? *faints*

How where when how much. how omg. waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

shazana amin said...

you beli keeeeee?

safuraa razak said...

iyaaaaa... got it as a present from my bf:) she just had a showcase in melbourne. so she made this version specially for the showcase. i cant stop staring at it. hehe.


wani ezryl * said...


Al said...

uh oh wow i went to outre to see the original,i really wanted to touch it but ada ice-cream in hand gila no class kan.

anyhu,nice one-wadya think the birds' headlessness means?

safuraa razak said...

lol. ice cream or not, dont touch! hahaha never touch! :P
i was tempted too tho.

hmm not sure really. been curious myself.
but in my opinion, i'd say she was trying to emphasize on the girl by not making too much detail on the objects around her. it's like why she doesnt have arms and nipples. i think audrey was trying to maintain the softness of the painting and again, making it seem everything revolves around the beautiful girl. thats also why i think her face is more detailed. am i making sense?