Tuesday, May 26, 2009

light & music


pimpr3ss said...

hi aaput! i've been following your blog coz you selalu letak the link on facebook and i love love love your pics. how'd you get this one done? what settings did you use?

-farah (ashu's & amal's friend in case you're not sure heheheh)

safuraa razak said...

hello fara, thanks:)
hmm this was manual, i set my aperture as low as possible and just played with my shutter speed. just as long as ur shutter is slow that it'll prolly work. what i do is i first snap at the object that i want to take and then face my camera towards the light that i want to include in my photo. just shake your camera about facing that area, make sure u dont move it too fast tho. or else it'll look messy

good luck