Friday, June 19, 2009


photos from my shoot with Lisa will come soon. I must say, some turned out just like i wanted them to :)
thanks Lisa!

been trying to squeeze as much happiness into my life as possible seeing how hectic it's been eventhough final crit is over. sure hope that all the hard work is worth it. my flight is tomorrow night, still loads to do. cant wait to be home. unless i get quarantined for some dumb reason. then i think let the end of the world come already whats the point of living if everyone's living in paranoia. hmph.


Balqies Arafia said...

I concur ur statement there. i'm supposed to fly to Melbourne on the 27th ... mom's family plead I defer my flight, but hopefully not. ticket all bought edi as of April :(

Lisapluie said...

OH WOW :) cant wait to see your pictures ! heeheee i'm waiting !