Monday, December 21, 2009

Abhar Bahrudin

I was googling when saw his photos.
impressed by the atmosphere he creates,
theres a certain feel that i cant explain,
but it's definitely something that i have been trying to express in most of my photos,
and he has done it so well.


Sue Anna Joe said...

He's amazing. Just noticed he's already on my facebook.

Thanks for sharing. Happy to be around such talented people.

Daniel said...

oooh! hes one of my favorite!, thanks for sharing this Safuraaa!

safuraa razak said...

No worries, its so great to discover new talents, especially in Malaysia.

He's one of my fave now too!

barrrrnnneey said...

yeah, baha deserve this, with only a canon 350d and a 50mm f/1.8, he can do all. baha is great friend/mentor. Watch him out, he'll make you amazed from every photoshoot he did. haha. Kudos baha

sallyinzaghi said...

i like the last one!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

so cantek. glad malaysia is getting up to speed in the art world.

(nothingness) said...


but your photos do capture that that 'something' :) and u have that personal aesthetic that i really2 look up to!

safuraa razak said...

thanks for the info barney, i sure will :)

thanks faiz, i guess it goes both ways, i loveee your photos!

Sue Anna Joe said...

so much love in here. ahhh.