Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy 22nd Vivy!

It was my first time officially taking pictures for a birthday celebration last Saturday. (not forgetting my first time officially taking pictures in my 6 inch heels too - haha) I had fun doing it especially because everyone was so happy and enjoying themselves. There were 12 girls so you can imagine how it was. hehe. You can find her at ProudDuck. Definitely worth a visit ;)

Thanks Vivy!


Vivy said...

awww safuraa it was such a pleasure having you were definitely not just there as a professional photographer but a friend too!
SAPA SURUH pakai heels!!! next time i should do dress code everyone has to wear flats...and i'll come in my 6 inch heels. muahahah.

biqque said...

got ur link from PD's blog...

gosh! i clicked post by post (ur older posts, believe me, i've seen all...hahaha!) and its getting more and moreeeee (how to say ya)...mannn, i'm cantik and menarik tau!

tick! (bookmarking ur blog :D)

safuraa razak said...

you're such a sweetheart vivy :D , i know next time ill wear comfortable walking sneakers just so i can easily walk back and forth to get food and dive into the chocolate fountain. haha

biqque: thanks for visiting my blog, and going through my previous posts. Though I realized that some of my photos are missing in the older dates :( anyways, glad you like them :)