Friday, December 11, 2009


one thing I love about having a photo blog is that I can choose to post any photos I want without feeling or caring that Im being judged. In architecture I always have to justify why what and how I do things. I guess it keeps me sane.


Anonymous said...

hi safuraa . i have been a reader of yours for the longest time aspiring to one day be a photographer like you . amazing eye you have there for photography : ) i have come to a point of wanting to buy a new notebook and like others have heard that the macbook pro is a good pick for photographers . before making any moves , id like to know if you might recommend the macbook pro and with that what sort of photo editing programs work best ? because notebooks in general do not come with any good photo editing programs . thanks very much safuraa and sorry if this bothered you !

safuraa razak said...

dear anonymous, thank you for visiting my blog. I am happy to hear that i am an influence to your photography :). I honestly am using a HP laptop but thats because its convenient for architecture in my uni. So I really would recommend for you to get the mac book pro. better yet, get the new Imac, the biggest screen you can find, if you dont need to carry it around. And as for a photo editing software, i would recommend Photoshop. Not that I've tried other programs, just that I i think it's the most convenient and user friendly software you can get.

Have fun with your future notebook and good luck!