Friday, January 8, 2010

Steve McCurry's Masterclass

we had 30 minutes to take photos so we could show him and get a feedback and i got the chance to take these, one across the street from the venue and one just outside.

i was the last person to go out of 50 and by that time i think everyone was tired but im just glad i got to sit next to a legend. i think i was so nervous i might have spoken too much and wasted the time i had with him. should have just listened. (slaps own forehead) showed him some of my old photos and he said this was my best shot.
we only had 90 seconds with him tho i wished i could have gotten 90 days instead, maybe one day i'll get to meet him again and get 90 minutes at least :D those 90 seconds keep playing in my head with me wondering what i could have said or done better. whatever it is i shouldnt be too hard on myself and remember that im still learning.

i feel like my camera and i are hungry for something new and i know this time it will take much more effort. im itching for an adventure or a new story to explore. i have a feeling i wont be able to sleep well tonight, with my brain constantly asking me "WHATS NEXT?"


taufiq Shariff said...

i first heard about the master class only on the actual day itself. so it was kinda too late for me to join. and to know it was held like only a a few steps away from my office...tensen siot tak dapat join....hah!

sallyinzaghi said...

hello, how was it, hope you had a good time.
dont worry he'll come again. :)

zillieman said...

this post makes me hate myself.