Sunday, May 2, 2010

treasure hunting

i went to the cyta flohmarkt today with my mind set on getting a good and old film camera. came across a some fairly cheap (2-5 euros!) polaroids that still work. its probably not a best idea to get them seeing that its quite difficult to get the film. nevertheless, its nice to start a collection. if any of you have an idea where i can get them let me know, it would be super great.

Supercolour 635 uses the 600 film
Polaroid Land Camera 2000 uses the sx-70 film
found some ricoh and minolta cameras but im still gonna do some research. gonna try to hit a jackpot. more markets to come!


cinta / sepi / sayu said...

i have the onestep land polaroid, and you can get film at places like urban outfitters. they just restocked the last batch last year, though soon, it will be remade by another company i think. there's a slight problem with the land though, with mine anyway, you need to shave of the nubs of the 600 as it won't fit inside on its own. then there's the problem of the over-exposure which really makes for nice photos, but not if you want clear ones lol. you can just google it and they'll have discussions on how to sort that out, i'm so malas! hehe hope this helps. x

safuraa razak said...

well yeah it does help, thanks jay. yeah i heard they have loads in jakarta so im gonna ask a friend to check it out for me, and ill let you know too yea? its great that you have the over exposure "problem", its those flaws that i love. :)

MSS said...

hey....these are pornography...put them away...goshhhh... :)