Monday, May 31, 2010

meet the Zenits

after a few times going to the sunday market i kinda got an idea of the types of sellers there are. the people that i'm always looking out for are the ones that think the cameras they sell is just like any other junk in the market. just another junk in a box of other things.
i found these babies in a briefcase next to a collection of stuffed birds. one had a better lense and the other was in better condition. it was very difficult to decide which one to get, so i took both home. after bargaining of course. i am proud to say that the whole process was purely in German. ahaaaaa. u gotta give me credit for that.

Zenit-E and Zenit EM. Made in USSR - first produced in the early 70s. quite a common camera back then and even now, online. Both are distinctive for their Olympic games engravings. favorite aspect? how sexy the shutter sounds.


MSS said...

Note: I have stopped following this blog because the owner teases the readers too much... :))

safuraa razak said...

hahaha i must warn you, this only the beginning. better run before it's too late