Thursday, June 14, 2007

end of sem des presentation

presentation board
presentation board
they asked for black and white and potraits of A1. mine was 5 A1s, almost 3 meters long so u can imagine what sort of marathon i went through when i ran back and forth to present. lol
oh and the texture is supposed to indicate corten steel. its kinda like rusted steel. google la if u wanna imagine how itll look like real life. google "de young museum"

close up of elevations

close up of sections

close up of exterior perspective

they are all hand drawn with fineliners (cept for the perspectives :b), scanned and rendered with photoshop cs.
huge drawings.. small scanner. had to scan em to parts and reconnect them in also, photoshop.
sculptures on display (in section drawings) are by alexander calder. check him out!
human figures are of me and my siblings taken from my photos. also the clouds and site photographs.
trees and corten steel building textures found in google.

the process...
lets see.. we started the project fairly awhile ago but the final working process was from friday til wednesday morning.
slept at 7 am everyday, didnt sleep on monday and slept at 5 on tues. and trust me, some ppl didnt sleep at all so this is considered ALOT.
as for meals. id usually wake up at 11/12 and have frosties for lunch. then dinner at 3 am. maggie, fried rice, or no food at all. cept for tues night.. had italian :b
didnt leave the house at all at all in that period of time. the windows always closed so i never realized if the sun was up or down. cept when i woke up n went to sleep n when i went to the kitchen to get food
hey i aint complaining. it couldve been worse.
everything was WORTH IT

the big day...
the presentation was 9 am and i woke up at 855. bloody shit. still had to mandi of coursela kan. needed to be fresh. didnt have time to go get coffee. took my stuff got a cab and ciaoed.
i kept on saying "dontpanicdontpanicx100" on the way. the poor cab driver felt the pressure. lol
sampai.. "keep the change!"
entered the QUIET and FULL class that was currently having a presentation. i broke the silence when i opened the door like a crazy woman.

by the time it was my turn i had 5 CRITS. just in time for one to come and before the other one to leave.
went well. first reaction was "lovely drawings"
of course i had comments like "ur such a photoshop freak".
but oh well.

DSC_0037 (Small)DSC_0033 (Small)
DSC_0023 (Small)DSC_0038 (Small)
they had to put mine next to the tong sampah la.. haha

model of building with site
DSC_0046 (Small)DSC_0047 (Small)
DSC_0027 (Small)DSC_0040 (Small)

they liked the concept and presentation. not so much of the exploded axono tho. lord knows i have no idea how to make it.
and yeah there were things i didnt realize that still can be improved. it's alright. i didnt expect to get everything perfect anyway. i know i tried my best and that all that matters :).

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