Monday, June 25, 2007

siem reap

Cambodia was wat ive always needed.
took hundreds and hundreds of photos. no, i did not pick the best ones. only the ones i think can summarize my trip the best

1st day:
as soon as i stepped outside i realized how beautiful siem reap's sky was. clouds so low, huge and puffed up unlike the ones we have here. sky so blue, unlike the greyish polluted sky we have here.
tonle sap was amazing
the ride there got me all jumpy and excited.
mobile huts, floating village... i really dont have the words to describe exactly what i saw. u'd have to go there and see it for youself.
DSC_0282 (Small).JPGDSC_0320 (Small).JPG
DSC_0435 (Small).JPGDSC_0297 (Small).JPG

2nd day:
i woke up at 5 am cambodia to see this....
DSC_0654 (Small).JPG
sunrise at Angkor Wat

the 1st gate
DSC_0695 (Small).JPG

Angkor Thom
my fave temple. when u get to the roof u'll see these massive buddha faces whereever u turn. effing awesome.
DSC_0824 (Small).JPG

3rd temple
DSC_0855 (Small).JPG

DSC_0878 (Small).JPG
DSC_0910 (Small).JPG

DSC_0922 (Small).JPG
DSC_0981 (Small).JPG

DSC_1009 (Small).JPG
DSC_1021 (Small).JPG

Angkor What again
DSC_1062 (Small).JPG
this was so freaking scary. my dad and i had to climb a steep flight of steps to reach the highest tower of angkor wat. tak kelakar dowh
DSC_1095 (Small).JPGDSC_1176 (Small).JPG
DSC_1140 (Small).JPGDSC_1094 (Small).JPG
DSC_1178 (Small).JPGDSC_1067 (Small).JPG

tour around the city
DSC_1240 (Small).JPGDSC_1245 (Small).JPG

muslim village
DSC_1279 (Small).JPGDSC_1310 (Small).JPG

those three days. all with my dad. :)

some of us really take things for granted.

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