Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy 21st sleeping beauty

may Allah bless your soul. we miss you so much.

this is for you sayang.
im playing our playlist in my ipod all day today.

love you always.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday sara... may Allah bless you..

& happy birthday to me too! hehehehe

sarathira sukiman said...

happy birthday sara, your friends miss you very much. bless you.

safuraa razak said...

happy birthday aizuddin!

yeah, she will always be remembered :)

Shasha Athira said...


bear said...

happy besday 2 sara..may Allah bless you..

udeyismail said...

Happy birthday n Al-Fatihah. Bila tengok Artwork kat rumah i teringat Arwah. Artwork yang dia kasi akan kami simpan elok2. Kalau u all nak collect let me know