Tuesday, April 21, 2009

on the shoot

woah.. thanks guys!
i must admit i was really REALLY nervous for this one seeing it was my first time and i knew that my equipment was well, not that awesome to be honest! and the fact that i had no idea how to use my sb800 so i kinda panicked. but really if it wasnt for the styling/makeup/model i think i would have jumped off that rooftop myself. lol so i guess it went well, thank god. im so happy all of you like it! maybe i'll do more of these yeah? hopefully when i have time. which is god knows when!

right now im just figuring out what to do with this

lol. dont ask.


Al said...



Syazsy said...

so ur a sister of aimy razak? terkejut skjap. me and aimy came frm the same high school, assunta PJ. shes my senior. i doubt she recognizes me because we never talked at school.

as fr ur friend, sara aziz, i came across her blogspot once and when i terjumpa tu she was nt around dah.

sorry about that.

nways gamba atas ni apa eh?

safuraa razak said...

thanks al!

hey syazsy, yeah, she is. she was just in assunta for 2 years tho.

the photo is a conceptual section of this building im proposing for this site in melbourne. :)