Saturday, May 9, 2009

coca cola and ice

watched Little Red play at Hi Fi bar yesterday. fell in love with them.
we stood in the middle of the crowd, at first i was struggling to get some clear and still photos but then i thought who am i kidding we all know that im not the tallest of the bunch so here's how i experienced the gig.

peeking in between people's heads, lots of dancing, lots of jumping, lots of singing, lots of screaming. for me at least.

thanks wiri and sally for inviting me :D


a shu ra said...

love the last picture putss. although it was in a heavy atmosphere there's something so serene about it.

Anonymous said...

last picture rocks.

Cox said...

amazing pictures as per usual. you manage to capture a dreamlike essence even though the context itself is far from it.
x annisah

safuraa razak said...

thanks guys :)