Sunday, May 10, 2009

PMS for Nike Sportswear teaser

video by: TwoFrontTeeth
stylists: ProjectMuffStit
photographer: Zillieman
nerd: ME!


Naa Shimi said...

hey safuraa! :)

this teaser is really awesome!

haha. love it!

btw, i've went through ur blog, very interesting with the pics and all.

catch up with you soon!

btw, was that you? :)

african goddess said...


Bangkaibernyawa said...

wow sgt teruja :)

really awesome :)

time u lompat tuh lawak ok!

Udey Ismail said...

gud luck for the next teaser :)

bear said...

hey safura..
nice teaser...=D

safuraa razak said...

thanks shimi, yeah it's me :)

hahathanks korang!

Lisapluie said...

Hey it's a good one ! like it :D